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Simon Rogers Swapskills Financial Markets Training

I'm Simon Rogers, here's what I can help you do.

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Get MORE clients using you as a trusted advisor.

Get MORE out of account planning.

Get MORE return on your capital.

Get MORE revenue.

Hear what course participants have to say


"You are the first person I have met that has made the murky world of derivatives comprehensible!"


"Simon uses examples from his own career in derivatives marketing, which really brings the course to life. Highly recommended."

Position your institution to become a trusted advisor.


"He simplified complex subject matter , engaged us and made it practical."

Position your institution as a trusted advisor with our expert training. Learn to ask the right questions, offer effective solutions, and close deals with ease.

Position yourself as the go-to choice for clients seeking problem-solving expertise.

UOB Management Associates Training Financial Markets

Gain a common-sense view of treasury and the capital markets.

The treasury and capital markets side of investment banking can be daunting.

Keeping jargon to a minimum, I offer a practical overview of funding and risk management tools that are available to both corporate and institutional clients.

UOB Management Associates Training

Take price out of the equation. Get paid for intellectual capital.

Don't give away your balance sheet. Get rewarded for your proactivity and the solutions you're bringing to the table.


I'll teach you how to analyse companies, identify and quantify their risk and propose relevant solutions to ensure to preserve shareholder value.

With over 35 years of experience within the markets, I've held senior positions with major investment banks and trained thousands of clients—including governments, regulators, financial institutions and corporate entities.

From new entrants to board level, I've delivered training and consulting to all levels of experience and seniority. 

What does Swapskills offer?

Direct Training

In-person training allowing for a more intimate learning experience.

Virtual Training

Participative and interactive online training through the use of virtual platforms.

Online Courses

Digitized, online courses and booklets that allow you to learn at your own pace.

Are you looking to train your staff, further your career or discuss a consulting project?

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