Circumstances have led to a wider acceptance of webinars and distance learning. Swapskills has been delivering webinars through various platforms: Zoom, MS teams and other media.

Here is a selection of 2 hour modules. This list is far from exhaustive and subject matter can be adapted to market feedback.


Identifying and managing currency risk


  • Understand why corporate Treasuries may be exposed to currency risk

  • See how technical analysis can help forecast future price movements

  • Identify where to implement currency hedging solutions

  • Study market conventions for quoting spot and forward FX rates

  • Look at forward FX rates and their applicability to long term commercial contracts



Identifying and managing interest rate risk


  • Identified where corporates and financial institutions are exposed to interest rate risk

  • Covered key market conventions for interest rates

  • Looked at where forward pricing comes from and how it relates to key derivative products

  • Explored ways to reduce unwanted short-term interest rate risk

  • Looked at the uses of interest rate swaps to manage long term interest rate exposure

  • Seen how to use cross currency swaps to manage longer term FX risk


Identifying and managing commodity risk


  • Identify where corporates are exposed to commodity price risk

  • Quantify the consequence of not hedging

  • See how commodity futures work

  • Understand how swaps and options can secure profit margins

  • Cover how markets can be arbitraged to generate cheaper funding or higher yields


Using options to manage market risk


  • Learn the difference between call options and put options

  • Differentiate the various option types

  • Explore fundamental structures to manage market risks and views

  • See how to embed options into structured investments


Money Market Instruments & the loan markets


  • Commercial Paper

  • Bankers Acceptances

  • Certificates of Deposit

  • Treasury Bills

  • Raising money via syndicated loans


Fixed income overview


  • Government bonds

  • Corporate bonds (including ESG markets)

  • Medium term Notes

  • Private placements

  • Duration 101


Derivatives: Market & credit risk


  • Understand PFE implications, credit and market risk factors of key derivative products.

  • Suitability and appropriateness

  • Explore currency options and various structures

  • Explore key concepts of XVA

  • Discuss key risk mitigants used to manage counterparty risk

Capital structure


  • The Capital Asset Pricing Model

  • Understanding key funding instruments

  • Look at a CFO’s considerations when constructing a liability profile

  • Cover the role of credit derivatives and asset securitisation


Spotting opportunities to cross-sell value-added solutions


  • Delivering customised solutions

  • Effective account planning

  • Identifying opportunities in the working capital cycle

  • Steps to improving Risk-adjusted Return On Capital (RAROC)


Managing the client


  • Identifying wallet share, size and tier position

  • Cross-sell checklists

  • Handling client objections

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