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ACI Dealing Certificate (New Version) Course

April 22nd - 26th, 2024

The course is offered as classroom-based training. 

The programme is designed for:


  • Recent entrants and junior dealers (0-24 months experience in the dealing room

  • Front and Middle Office Treasury staff

  • Middle office and operations personnel

  • Audit

  • Risk Management

This course covers the syllabus for the ACI Dealing Certificate (New Version) updated as of 3rd June, 2022.


During this programme participants will:


  • Cover basic interest rate calculations

    • See how to calculate rates at different parts of the yield curve and look at various indices

  • Explore cash money markets

    • The workings of short-term funding and investment instruments: T-Bills, CDs, Repo, Islamic Money Markets and Bankers Acceptances

  • See how the foreign exchange (FX) markets function and run through the uses and maths behind different hedging tools

    • Spot, forward, NDFs, FX swaps

  • Look at the working of the precious metals markets

  • Examine tools to manage interest rate risk, including swaps, futures, options and forward-forwards. See how OIS have replaced Libor in many markets.

  • Analyse the uses and mechanics of option structures to manage market risk

    • Pricing, structures, payoff diagrams

  • Run through the principles of asset and liability management (ALM), defining responsibilities, metrics and Basel III requirements.

  • Understands principles of risk, covering Credit, Operational, Legal and Liquidity aspects

    • Discuss the LBMA Precious Metals code, UK Money Markets Code, Market Abuse Regulation, MiFID II and MiFIR

Online Learning

Two courses, on Options and Foreign Exchange, can be accessed via a complimentary password.

Video training, subtitles, quizzes and transcripts make this a superb deal.


Ten A5 booklets are available. These cover Foreign Exchange, Options 101 and 201, debt capital markets and interest rate derivatives.

Revision Sessions

Personal video sessions are available to assist in pre-exam revision.

One-on-one virtual meetings allow you to ask any question discreetly!

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