Account Planning & Relationship Building



Are you really a partner with your client, a trusted advisor with a top tier relationship...


or are you just another price giver with the same story as all the rest?


I am running a course that will look at structuring a focused account plan with the client that will


  • help you improve your risk-adjusted return on capital,

  • maximize your share of wallet, and

  • become a top tier relationship


You will see that a plan is not a credit analysis or proposal.


An action plan is a dynamic, adaptable way forward that identifies the business, operational and financial risks in the client’s ecosystem and matches the right people on both sides with the most suitable solutions


You will cover how to


  • Conduct a detailed needs analysis.

  • Establish relationship milestones.

  • Map client profiles, behaviour and levels of authority.

  • Pre-empt and handle client objections.

  • Make sure you have the correct resources and limits in place to progress the client to YES.

The course costs US$699. It is divided into three sessions that will be held over the following dates.


Date                         Module Time             Duration                Location

5 July 2021               A1: 0900 - 1300         4  Hours                 Online Zoom

                               A2: 1330 – 1730

6 July 2021               B1: 0900 - 1300         4  Hours                 Online – Zoom

                               B2: 1330 - 1730                         

7 July 2021               C1: 0900 - 1300         4  Hours                 Online – Zoom

                               C2: 1330 - 1730


Email for group rates